One Piece VS Naruto; A Useless Beef

Introduction    Ever since we opened our Tik Tok account, I have seen a lot of people arguing over which manga/anime is better; One Piece or Naruto. Some argues are actually interesting, with great arguments about storytelling, world-building and character development. These people are basically fan of both and they just argue for the shake... Continue Reading →

Jujutsu Kaisen; Chapter 184 Review (SPOILERS)

Review    Panda is sitting a top a container, wondering where Hakari went after they teleported when entered the colony. He smells blood to that place and thinks about his mission to find Angel and negotiate with him. When he gets down from the container, he meets Kashimo. Kashimo is a 400 years old sorcerer,... Continue Reading →

My (Favorite) Top 5 Pokemon Anime characters

Introduction Hello everybody! As the Pokemon Journeys anime is reaching high standards lately to the point that it got me very, very invested, I decided to write another post about Pokemon. This time, in order to avoid half-failed predictions for the Pokemon Masters 8, I decided to share with you my favorite characters from the... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Bald Characters

Introduction    I don’t know if you noticed my avatar but I am bald and proud of it! But we live in evil times, times in which baldness is seeing as a flaw instead of a feature of masculinity. So, I decide to fight for me and my people all over the world against those... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Power Systems

Introduction    As we know most manga and anime stories, especially in the shonen demographic, are fiction. In these stories there is an elaborate power system that gives the protagonists superpowers to use in their adventures. In this article, I will rank my favorite five power systems.  Disclaimer    The following five power systems are... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Gunslingers in Manga & Anime

Introduction    In most manga and anime there is a peculiar power system based on chakra, ki or spiritual pressure. But there are some more individuals who prefer a good, old pistol to do the dirty job. So for this article I decided to make a top 5 with my favorite gunslingers of manga and... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Anime Opening Songs

Introductions    One of the reasons anime are being loved is their openings. Funky, sad or rock, they create the atmosphere for what we are going to see and is unacceptable to skip them! So, I decided to rank my top 5 anime songs. Disclaimer    This top 5 is not about the top 5... Continue Reading →

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